Learning to Fly


It is great when we parents at last see the small feet of a trainee cyclist pedalling at speed and the bike launched into independent orbit.  After weeks of sprinting bent double like Groucho Marx doing a runner, we get our backs back. The downside is that the child seat on the parental bike will be empty from now on.  Those companiable times on the same two wheels have reached the end of the road.
Jonathan Sale, Guardian Sat 7 April 2012


The Installation
On the balcony of Marine Studios, 17 Albert Terrace, Margate.
Two children’s bikes perch on the balcony, facing out to sea, like fledgling birds about to take their first flight.  Many people clearly remember that first magical moment of freedom, pedalling off down the road on first bikes, leaving parents, siblings or friends behind.  A feeling of liberation, ‘almost the closest sensation of flying.’

Two green painted child's bikes perched on a bright red balcony, facing out to sea