The Seven Deadly Road Sins


Seven green painted bikes, 'leap' from the top of the boundary fence between Cyclopark and the A2

The Seven Deadly Road Sins

Stationed at number one is Impatience
Cos let’s face it, that’s its statistical status
Crazy cyclists one way, wrong way weaving and racing
Running red lights and sending drivers raging

Straight in at number two is Self Absorption
A deadly narcissism negating driver caution
Blindly opening doors and forcing cyclist into death jaws
Leaning on horns and driving so close coronaries are caused

Three is the magic number of astonishing Myopia
“I’m so sorry, I just didn’t see her”
Short sighted road planners causing cyclists to live in fear
Of giant drains and bike lanes that simply disappear
Just before the kind of gyratory designed to end your cycling career

Stewing at number four is good old fashioned Hate
A bitter and twisted anti-cyclist state
Ugly spittle filled invective on the A138
Or a brand new bike vandalised and left to its fate

Tying its shoelaces together at number five is rank Stupidity
Of course examples of this approach infinity
With frightening cyclist, motorist and pedestrian consistency
But top of the pops is that idiotic idiosyncrasy
Of riding a bike at night with no lights totally obliviously

Hanging around aimlessly at number six is Neglect
You’ve got a racer, mountain bike, hybrid, the full set
But they never leave the shed cos you prefer to drive instead
Politically incorrect you leave your Ridgeback on the station bike rack for weeks on end,
poor little reject

Last but not least Intolerance is the seventh deadly sin
Look at him, cutting in, think they own the road, can’t let em win
But the line between road users is wafer thin
So if we can’t make room for each other…. the outlook’s grim

Chris Paradox


The Installation
The Seven Deadly Road Sins installation on the boundary fence between Cyclopark and the A2.

Seven bikes appear to leap from the fence, but the virtual installation is far from sitting there, examining the deadly sins of both cyclists and motorists.

Seven green painted bikes in a line on top of the boundary fence between Cyclopark and the A2