Stop Thief!


post it note, in child's handwriting, reads:  Once while we were on holiday, one of dad's bikes got stolen.  It was worth £800, the one they didn't steal was £2,500!

Bicycle padlocked with perhaps 100 bike locks

Sculpture by Dustin Sacks in Vancouver


The Installation
Stop Thief! was locked to the  bike rack of Tri the Bike Shop, Windmill St, Gravesend.
An estimated half a million bikes were stolen last year (2011) – including 30 from Tri the Bike Shop – that’s about one a minute.  80% of cyclists have had at least one bike stolen, and 10% four or more.  Stop Thief! features an audio track of interviews highlighting the humour, resignation and impact on cyclists of this two wheeled, crime wave.

Green painted bike wheel locked to another bike